Leadership Network

RCLN is a  relational based “organic” network of spiritual or ministry sons  and daughters  that look to Bob & Leslie as their apostolic covering.

There are also  ministry leaders that have come into real relationship and apostolic alignment that God has birthed that are also a part of this Network.   RCLN is a network that was created by the relationships, not an organization formed that seeks to create relationships.      

There are no “application” or  “membership”  forms.  God connects people and real relationships then form. From that  relationship , God gives definition.  Friendship and fellowship only OR is God creating a covenant relationship?  Both are wonderful but they are two different types of ministry relationships.  RCLN  is about covenant relationship with an apostolic father AND with others who are in that same type of  alignment.     

The hearts of the “fathers” have indeed turned to the “sons” and God is restoring the blessing !   As you get to know us, we will know what kind of relationship God is forming.  As Dutch Sheets once stated  “ There are people I am  called to have lunch with and there are those I am called to go to “war” with and  as leaders, we  need to quit trying to go to war with those who we are only supposed to go to lunch with”    I have plenty of room in my life for BOTH, so I look forward to the days ahead in these kairos times!

This simple outline is our DNA

1. Identity –Malachi 2 –Acts 4:23  ( they went to their own )

  • no isolation
  • no orphans
  • fatherhood
  • empowered Calling
  • community  
  • covering & alignment    

2. Family –Acts 2:42

  • not centered around 1 person
  • apostolic company   (not one location or one ministry) ( band of brothers )
  • connected relationally to each other not just to the apostolic father
  • covenant  (transcends community )
  • You can have community and not have covenant but you cannot have covenant without community


3. Safety & Security

  1.  mentality of  “no man left behind”
  2.  priority on relationships —–NOT institutional loyalty, but family,
  3. intentionality on discernment and prophetic revelation -both big picture and for our network
  4. practicality —-preparation/provisions shared —

Acts 4:23 -“they went to their own”

Mark 13:3–Peter, James, John AND Andrew were sitting with him across from the temple and were asking him questions privately. same greek word as “own” –intimate close trust

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