Mission & Vision



“At whatever place you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. We will see our God will fight for us.” NEH 4:20

Nehemiah was Called to be a rebuilder and a restorer of the City of God.  He was a forerunner model of a N.T. apostle. He had a supernatural passion to THE CITY OF GOD ( picture of the whole  Church in the Earth ) restored after it had been decimated by the enemies of God.  He fasted, prayed, repented to God for even the sins of his forefathers and then was Commissioned by God to restore.  He began to cry out to the people of God, calling for a volunteer movement of people that were burning in their heart  to see Gods city rebuilt and restored.

As the work progressed, the enemies of God grew more and more intense in their resistance but the walls came up.  As the walls grew taller and more connected,   the people were working farther and farther apart, UNTIL Nehemiah stationed a trumpeter beside him, who was tasked to release a specific sound at specific times! Nehemiah had a prophetic strategy from the Spirit of the Lord that directed him to gather this rare spiritual breed of people  back together in one place at the certain times when they heard the sound of the trumpet blast.  The trumpet used was not the war trumpet, rather it was the trumpet used to assemble and even to celebrate, AND the word of the Lord was that as they assembled at The Sound that was being released by Nehemiah, they would then see their God fight for them, to overcome their enemies and bring the breakthrough supernaturally as they were gathered!  When you read to the end of the book of Nehemiah , you find that not only was the City of God rebuilt better than ever but ALSO  the enemies of God  (Sanballat and Tobiah, who represent evil principalities and powers ) were driven out of the land!!!

THAT kind of spiritual and prophetic sound, THAT kind of People ,THAT kind of gathering, THAT kind of spirit and THAT kind of passion in THAT Nehemiah company IS who WE are at Rally Call !!!
The Call to recognize, connect and bring THOSE kind of Believers together. We are Called to The Called! IF you burn to be an actual part of rebuilding and restoring God’s Church, see cultures and nations transformed connect with us! “We are passionately committed to spiritually fathering the next generation of emerging Ephesians 4 leaders and already established leaders through true apostolic relationship, training and impartation.



Rally Call empowers God’s people to see the Biblical reality that every arena of culture and society is a mission field!

Many distinguish certain specific arenas of society that shape culture as “The 7 Mountains of Culture and Society”

These seven “mountains” are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion. Of course there are many subgroups under these main categories, but generally, THESE arenas SHAPE THE CULTURE in every nation.  The question then becomes WHO is discipling these arenas in YOUR nation?  Who is having the MOST influence in the social fiber of your nation?  Is it The Church?

Notice the language that the prophet Isaiah uses in Is. 2:2 to describe what happens even in the last days:

Now it will come about that In the last days The mountain of the House of the Lord Will be established as the chief of the mountains,And will be raised above the hills;And all the nations will stream to it.


So here is our mission:

  • Proclaim the clear gospel message of the Lordship of Jesus to every person ( Romans 1:16 )
  • Teach Believers the whole counsel of God from the written Word of Go (the Bible) INCLUDING how to  study on their own. (2 Tim. 2:15 )
  • Impart the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to empower Believers ( Acts 1:8, 2 Tim. 1:6 )
  • Establish Believers in their identity in Christ as both sons/daughters of Father God AND as part of The Church in the Earth
  • Train Believers to be ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ in every arena of culture and society
  • Recognize the God given giftings and calling that is in the People of God AND Commission them into those callings.
  • Fuel & Commission a multi generational movement of Leaders Called to impact every aspect of culture and society with the Spirit and Word of God.  People passionate to to be Kingdom change agents in the “seven mountains/arena’s”  that shape the culture of every people group and nation. Generally,  this  would be  business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion.

The Great Commission that Jesus gave to His Ecclesia Church was to DISCIPLE the nations, not just reach out to them.  Some philosophy, worldview or system is discipling every nation.  Which one is discipling YOUR nation??


In Matthew 28, at the Resurrection, Christ declared to the apostles that ALL AUTHORITY BOTH IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH had been given to Him and because of that He was CO-Missioning them ( and us !) to disciple the nations.  He was stating to them that out of His limitless authority, He was  now authorizing His Ecclesia Church to disciple the nations.  The Church as the rightful legitimate supernatural authority to displace and dispel evil strongholds, setting captive souls free and opening the heavens over every people group so that the power of the gospel could then prevail.  The destiny of The Church is to usher in the glory and truth of God to such a degree that the knowledge of the glory of God will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea!  THAT is our vision! THAT is our expectation of the years ahead no matter what kind of shaking  comes to the earth.

Connect with us and let’s run together to liberate generations and nations !

Here are some ways to get started in connecting with us:

  • Enroll/attend Rally Call Institute on site in San Marcos, TX.
  • Enroll in Rally Call Institute online
  • Invite Bob Long to come minister in your region and meet with you and any others who are interested in getting to know us on a personal level Consider ways to have him come minister on some sort of regular basis in your region. Many deep relationships have begun this way.
  • Become the host for a small group online campus cluster where you are. As a host you attend RCI free and will have more direct interaction with our team.
  • Attend our monthly Power & Prophecy meetings in Austin, Texas OR join us live on line. You can interact with us live on line in these meetings. A great start.
  • Host a house group meeting for prayer, teaching , fellowship OR for whatever specific 7 mountain emphasis you want to have and connect to us. IF you are in Central Texas, apostle Bob can periodically drive and pour into you as a group. If you are beyond driving then we can connect with you via Skype,etc. We have a passion to see a whole new wineskin network of house meetings come forth. We can think out of the box together!

There are many ways to connect depending on the level of relationship you desire!!

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