Power & Prophecy Nights

THESE will always also be announced on FB with an Event Page

Rally Call Ministries-Power & Prophecy Nights in Austin, Texas!
These powerful MONTHLY meetings will be announced on our Rally Call Ministries FaceBook Page AND a specific FaceBook Event Page each month with details, date, location and time!  Here is the link to our public Rally Call Ministries FaceBook page!

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Come Experience the FREEDOM , the FLOW and the FOUNTAIN of prophetic and revelatory release!

Prophetic flow, apostolic teaching, jubilant worship and ministry flow of intercession , impartation and supernatural release! Where the Spirit is Lord is, there IS Liberty!!!

Generations aligning. Prophetic impartation. Apostolic revelation. Jubilant worship. DEEP IS CALLING TO DEEP!!


Release of anointing that reveals and releases you into that burning that is already inside you. Gather with hungry passionate “out of the box” Believers in a setting where anyyyything can happen in Him! :

The orphan spirit and the spirit of isolation/rejection ARE being broken. Identity and Destiny ARE being released. YOU need to be IN this !

LIBERTY & MATURITY kiss in these meetings! The orphan spirit, the isolation spirit and the rejection spirit ARE being broken off of the people of God in Austin! Ready yourself with revelation for the NEXT. The season has shifted. ACTIVATION is taking place !

APOSTOLIC ALIGNMENT–Connection & Direction birthing in these meetings. Real relationship can be birthed -talk to us!

YOU need to be in these gatherings! Empowerment, Revelation, Prophetic Impartation and Apostolic Strategy for YOU, for The Church and for the move of God in Austin and beyond. Maturity and Liberty.

CONNECTION–God IS BUILDING A PEOPLE who are joined together in real relationship by a common DNA and hunger for revival, reformation and cultural transformation.

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