About 2 years ago, I had a literal vision in Rick Pinos’ meeting where Dutch Sheets and Damon Thompson were ministering. Dutch called a couple of us up to prophesy. When I stepped up to the mic, I saw a vision of a horribly evil powerful 2nd heaven Principality/Powers level stronghold full of demonic principalities mocking every effort of the gospel over UT, Austin, the Texas Capitol and the State. A “suddenly” came and Gods lightening bolt struck it and blew the corner stone off of it and the rhema word of the Lord came to me stating: ” I am about to strike what has NEVER been struck and in the next 90 days you will see with your eyes the beginning of what I AM about to do” in that time period Regent Wallace Hall begin to call out the corruption at UT to such a degree that the Pres. of UT was forced to resign along with the Admissions Director. When I got the news that the Pres. had resigned it hit me that “Powers” had fallen. ( the name of the UT Pres. ) The prophetic picture was that spiritually , it was a “this is that” moment. God striking in the spirit what has NEVER been struck has begun and WILL continue until we see release, reform, transformation and revival across Texas in every arena of culture INCLUDING State Govt. ,,,all the COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUS’S … and Austin. Texas IS going to fulfill her prophetic Calling as The Prophet State!!!! DONT STOP STANDING IN THE GAP! Its still in process.

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